Premier Manufacturer for Construction & Mining Industry

Offers Cutting-Edge Quality Assurance Facilities with Global Capabilities

Venus Industrial Corporation has established itself as a premier manufacturer of forged & machined components for construction and mining industry. Due to our years of experience working with the construction and mining sector, we are able to deliver highly durable forged and machined components that are in compliance with their quality requirements.
We manufacture a wide range of construction & mining components to meet the industry’s growing demands and needs. Our forging professionals cater to all types of complex design specifications required by construction and mining sector. Venus Industrial Corporation has its own in-house research and development department as well as testing labs for ensuring product quality before it is delivered to customers. Our primary concern is meeting our clients’ demands while adhering to the industry’s stringent quality standards. Our professionals collaborate closely with our clients to meet their industry specifications and challenges with world-class capabilities. As a renowned name in the construction & mining sector, we supply a wide range of high-quality products to major industries. To meet the expectations of the construction and mining industries, we continue to adopt cutting-edge technology and innovations to meet international industry standards.